IW Exercise Ridge Runner 23-01

Ridge Runner IW Exercise 23-01

June 22, 2023 DVIDS 0

By Edwin Wriston. The West Virginia National Guard’s Ridge Runner Irregular Warfare Exercise 23-01, co-hosted by the Irregular Warfare Center, wrapped up June 16, 2023, at Camp Dawson, Kingwood, West Virginia. The nearly two-week long exercise that spanned throughout West […]

Irregular Warfare Center (IWC)

Irregular Warfare Center

December 7, 2022 SOF News 0

In October 2022 the Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) reached initial operating capacity. The IWC serves as a central mechanism for developing DoD Irregular Warfare (IW) knowledge, concepts, and doctrine. The center will be featuring research, analysis, education, and international engagement […]

Saber Junction 18 - KASP and 20th SFGA personnel conduct mission planning. Photo by 1st Lt Benjamin Haulenbeek; SOCEUR, Sep 19, 2018.

Irregular Warfare (IW) – Commentary (January 2021)

January 20, 2021 John Friberg 1

The last several years the term Irregular Warfare (IW) has gained increased prominence within the national defense community. It has become a buzzword meaning different things to a variety of people and organizations. Irregular warfare consists of unconventional warfare (UW), […]