Inter Populum – Journal of Irregular Warfare and Special Operations

InterPopulum - Journal of Irregular Warfare and Special Operations

Arizona State University is now offering an academic journal that covers the topics of irregular warfare and special operations. The first issue, fall 2023, has been published and is posted online. This peer reviewed publication is focused on furthering studies and discussion on the intersection of irregular warfare and special operations. It will cover lessons learned (historical studies), current best practices, and the nature of future conflict.

The editors and editorial board are a “who’s who” of the special operations community; many of them academics in universities and military educational institutes – some with extensive military experience in special operations. Current plans are for the journal to be published twice a year.

The title of the journal is unusual and deserves explanation. Inter Populum is Latin for “among the people”. It has been said by General Rupert Smith (2005) and echoed by many national security pundits that the nature of future conflict will be “wars among the people”. Therefore, the focus of Inter Populum is the human domain – a principal concern of both irregular warfare and special operations.

This current issue has six articles about special operations and irregular warfare covering the topics of World War II, Falklands War, Ukraine, maritime operations, counterterrorism in strategic competition, and ethical decision-making. In addition, there are nine book reviews covering the topics of airpower, Vietnam, ‘Gray Wars’, military reconnaissance, interpreters, Iraq, intelligence, and more. The first issue of Inter Populum is a great read – I look forward to subsequent issues.

Inter Populum: Journal of Irregular Warfare and Special Operations, Arizona State University, Fall 2023, PDF, 148 pages.

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