Map Operation Ugly Baby

Operation Ugly Baby and 10th Special Forces (Iraq 2003)

March 31, 2023 DVIDS 0

By Steven Alger, 10th SFG(A). In early 2003, planning between the United States and coalition partners was underway to eliminate Saddam Hussein and his influence throughout Iraq. This operation would later be known as Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). This initial […]

Finnish Utti Jaeger Regiment

Finland’s Utti Jaeger Regiment

March 29, 2023 DVIDS 0

LAPLAND, Finland – Conducted north of the Arctic Circle, the Finnish Special Operations Forces Utti Jaeger Regiment hosted Exercise Talvikotka 23 from March 12 – 16, 2023, to enhance and exchange winter warfare tactics and techniques with U.S. Army 10th […]

Special Warfare Combatant Craft (SWCC). Video by Austin Rooney, All Hands Magazine, Nov 1, 2018.

Special Boat Team 20 Receives Award

March 21, 2023 DVIDS 0

By Chief Petty Officer Dustin Kelling, NSWG-4. Special Boat Team 20 (SBT-20) received the 2022 Naval Special Warfare Battle Efficiency Program Award in a message released Jan. 23, 2023. This is the first year that the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) […]

28th EOD Company

Airborne EOD Company Supports Rangers and Special Forces

December 13, 2022 DVIDS 0

By Walter Ham. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians from the U.S. Army’s only EOD company solely designed to support Army Ranger and Special Forces missions marked the 11th anniversary of the company’s Airborne status with a record-breaking EOD parachute jump. […]

23rd Special Operations Weather Squadron, SOWS

23rd SOWS Det 1, Ft Campbell

December 2, 2022 DVIDS 0

By Senior Airman Amanda Flower, DVIDS. For Airmen assigned to the 23rd Special Operations Weather Squadron, Detachment 1, every mission is a no-fail mission, according to Maj. Katheryn Bryant, Detachment 1 commander. Located at Hurlburt Field, the 23rd SOWS is […]

CSM Gary Beaver Retirement

Special Forces CSM Retires After 34 Years Service

May 25, 2022 DVIDS 0

Story by Mary Junell, NCNG. Command Sgt. Maj. Gary Beaver’s retirement ceremony on May 13th, 2022, was, like most military retirement ceremonies, intended to celebrate a long and distinguished career. But, as family, friends, and colleagues filled the auditorium at […]

Balikatan 22

Balikatan 22 – AFSOC in the Philippines

May 7, 2022 DVIDS 0

Story by Natalie Greenwood. U.S. Airmen with the 353rd Special Operations Wing (353rd SOW), 492nd Special Operations Wing (492nd SOW) and the 1st Special Operations Wing (1st SOW) deployed to the Philippines for Balikatan 22, March 28 – April 8, […]

Trojan Footprint 22

SOCEUR Kicks Off Trojan Footprint 22

May 5, 2022 DVIDS 0

Story by Kirsti Brooksby. Trojan Footprint (TFP) 22 is set to begin May 2 and conclude May 13, with U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) proactively working and training together with NATO allies and European partners across Southeastern Europe, the Baltics […]

LTG Braga USASOC Commander

Video – U.S. SOF Commanders Testify on Force Readiness

April 29, 2022 DVIDS 0

The U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services heard testimony on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, from special operations commanders on efforts to sustain special operations force readiness and transform the force for future security challenges. Witnesses included: Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan […]