Irregular Warfare Center

Irregular Warfare Center (IWC)

In October 2022 the Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) reached initial operating capacity. The IWC serves as a central mechanism for developing DoD Irregular Warfare (IW) knowledge, concepts, and doctrine. The center will be featuring research, analysis, education, and international engagement to strengthen the U.S. network of international allies and security partners.

Staff. Some of the leading members on the IWC leadership team include Dr. Dennis Walters, Lori Leffler, Chris Burns, Kevin Stringer, Dr. Sandor Fabian, and Dr. Richard Newton. Each of these people bring a wealth of national security experience to the organization – most of them with a deep background in special operations.

TILT-C. One of its initiatives is the establishment of five-day course entitled Transformational Irregular Warfare Leaders Thought Course (TILT-C). The purpose of TILT-C is to develop senior US government leaders from across the departments and agencies to understand and employ IW as a tool of US policy as well as understanding its uses by near-peer adversaries. The course uses real-world IW problems to allow course participants to design policies, strategies, or campaigns.

Insights. The IWC will be providing information about Irregular Warfare through published articles. These are available on its website under the “Insights” tab. The first article published, by Dr. Kevin Stringer, is entitled “Irregular Warfare Campaigning and the Irregular Warfare Center”, Insights, December 1, 2022.

Future Plans. The IWC will soon be announcing a variety of future engagements for the irregular warfare community. These include conferences, seminars, webinars, podcasts, wargames, and other IW-related events.



Irregular Warfare Center


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