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DOL Foundation – Helping Those Who Have Served

September 27, 2023 Guest 0

The DOL Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to professionally developing military service members, veterans, first responders, and spouses, no matter if they are currently serving or prior service. The Foundation is wholly donor-driven, with as close to 100% of […]

K2 Vets have high rates of cancer. VA no help.

K2 Vets, Cancer, and the VA

February 15, 2020 John Friberg 0

The U.S. military occupied a base known as “K2” (Karshi-Khanabad Airbase) in southern Uzbekistan from 2001 to 2005. This was a former Soviet base where chemical weapons and hazardous materials were stored and hazardous waste buried. There is increasing evidence […]