CRS Fact Sheet on U.S. SOF

Danab Brigade Weapons Training

A fact sheet entitled Defense Primer: Special Operations Forces has been published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). This two-page PDF provides an overview of the special operations forces of the military services.

The fact sheet presents information on:

  • twelve core activities of U.S. SOF
  • selection of SOF operational personnel
  • command structure and components
  • NSWC
  • JSOC
  • TSOCs

Defense Primer: Special Operations Forces, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF10545, November 21, 2022, PDF, 2 pages.

Photo: U.S. forces host a range day with the Danab Brigade in Somalia, April 5, 2021. Special Operations Command Africa remains engaged with partner forces in Somalia in order to promote safety and stability across the Horn of Africa. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Zoe Russell)

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