ATP 1-23.4 Techniques for Effective PowerPoint – Updated Pub

ATP-1-23.4 Techniques of Effective PowerPoint

ATP 1-23.4 Techniques for Effective PowerPoint – The U.S. Army has published an update to its publication on techniques for effective PowerPoint presentations. Originally published on April 1, 2016 the new update (released on April 1, 2018) has techniques that will be of benefit for the staff officer working at all echelons of the U.S. Army. This update provides detailed techniques for developing dynamic presentations to win in a complex world and in a multi-domain environment. One significant addition to the publication is an annex that will benefit ARSOF personnel. Annex B, Time-Sensitive SOF CONOPS, will provide the Army special operations staff officer with the ability to quickly construct CONOPs in a time-constrained environment that includes all necessary criteria to conduct the full range of special operations across a wide spectrum of military operations. The pub provides the intellectual foundation and framework for imparting information through animation, pictures, and colorful graphs. ATP 1-23.4 establishes the Army Tenets of PowerPoint. You can access ATP 1-23.4 at the portal of the U.S. Army Publishing Directorate at the link below.

(*** Editor’s note: Did you try to click the link? Got ya. Date of the post is April 1, 2018.)

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