Two man sniper team at Basic Sniper Course of International Special Training Center, Hohenfels, Germany.

Special Operations News Update 20180430

April 30, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180430 – ARSOUTH’s DISE, CANSOF on violent subcultures, OSS sabotage brew, French SOF in Syria, Green Beret dies in Papua New Guinea, SOCOM’s WMD mission, OSS coffee, Horse Soldier bourbon, Derna Bridge, INSCOM, IGAD CT Centre, G5 […]

SOFWERX Virtual Symposium

Special Operations News Update 20180427

April 27, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180427 – SOCNORTH 101, USSOCOM and real-time data fusion, SOFWERX Virtual Symposium, GBs smartest of the elite, new CANSOFCOM Cdr, WVNG Ridge Runner program, SOF beard envy, White Flags of northern Iraq, SEALs and NCATs, DoD Niger […]

Navy Special Warfare

Special Operations News Update 20180425

April 25, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180425 – WPS in Western Africa, CT mission in Yemen, Norwegian detained in Russia for espionage, Boko Haram, Somali army discord, Navy SEAL podcasts, JFQ – “By, With, and Through”, defense of the Baltic States, U.S. military […]

Free Fall 82nd ERS Djibouti

Special Operations News Update 20180423

April 23, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180423 – USSOCOM 2018 Bull Simons Award, Little Birds in Manhattan, US SF history and the future, SF officer comments on Ukraine, ASSF doubles in size, UAVs for Latvia, 1st Sgts of 27th SOW, Nigerian SF demo, […]

Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service CTS

Special Operations News Update 20180420

April 20, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180420 – Aussie SAS now Chief of the Defence Force, Niger suspect detained, 7th SFGA Soldier arrested for murder, Adm James Stavridis on Syria, CSOR in Africa, Jamaica’s CSTC, COL (Ret) Dnny McKnight, Eager Lion 2018, SF […]

A member of a Female Tactical Platoon Afghanistan of the ASSF fires weapon on rifle range. Photo by SSG Douglas Ellis, NSOCC-A, March 13, 2018.

Current News about Afghanistan – 20180417

April 17, 2018 SOF News 0

Current News about Afghanistan – 101st Abn Div at Bagram, A-29 Super Tucanos, review of Nonviolent Soldier of Islam, Taliban reject political reconciliation, Afghan SOF in Jowzjan province, defeating terrorism through economic growth, optimistic Marine general, “12 Strong” review, ATA […]

The Nigerien and American flags are raised at the opening ceremony of Flintlock 2018 at Agadez, Niger. (photo Capt Eric Smith, AFRICOM, April 11, 2018).

Special Operations News Update – 20180416

April 16, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180416 – Flintlock 2018, Green Beret director of GWOTMF, Best Ranger Competition, political warfare, shifting approach for SOF in Africa, SEALs and legal cases, video Recon Marine jump, morale after two decades of fighting, Missouri governor (ex-SEAL) […]

Iron Mike Healy

Iron Mike Healy – RIP

April 14, 2018 SOF News 0

Iron Mike Healy – RIP. A legendary U.S. Army Special Forces officer died on Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. Retired Major General Michael D. Healy joined the Army shortly before the Japanese surrender at the end of World […]

April 2018 Coalition air strikes against Syria

April 2018 Coalition Air Strikes Against Syria

April 14, 2018 SOF News 0

April 2018 Coalition Air Strikes Against Syria – the nations of United Kingdom, France, and the United States launched missile and aircraft strikes against military targets associated with Syria’s chemical weapons manufacturing capability. The attacks took place at 4:00 am […]

Paratroopers descend from a US Air Force cargo transport. (Photo USAF December 1, 2017).

Special Operations News Update – Friday the 13th

April 13, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180413 – CT in West Africa and the Sahel, RAND pub – “Understanding SOF”, Flintlock 2018, book reviews of The Village, U.S. ‘War Gap’, Rhodesia in the news, SOF officer appointments, NATO and gender, book review of Road […]

Female Police Officer of the Afghan General Command of Police Special Units fires pistol on range. (Photo by SPC Austin Boucher, NATO Special Operations Component Command - Afghanistan, Apr 4, 2018).

Afghan Conflict Update

April 10, 2018 SOF News 0

Afghan Conflict Update – Launch of new pub about Afghanistan, ‘Women’s Police Town’, video on facilities for ANA female soldiers, a pound cake in the Korengal Valley, armory named after CST member KIA in Afghanistan, ISKP, TAAC-South Soldiers immerse in […]

10th SFGA Soldier on patrol during a raid in Alingar district, Laghman province, Afghanistan. (Photo by SGT Connor Mendez, 10th SFG, February 17, 2018).

Special Operations News Update 20180409

April 9, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180409 – Philippine’s AFP Socom is back, new cdr for 193rd SOSFS, pilots killed in Ft Campbell chopper crash, SOCOM’s WMD mission, how the assassins got their name, Marine Raider receives Silver Star, French SOF, GMV 1.1 […]

A Canine Explosive Detection Team of the U.S. Coast Guard conducts hoist training with MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and CG boat crew. (Photo PO 3rd Class Ryan Dickinson, USCG, March 29, 2018).

Special Operations News Update 20180406

April 6, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180406 – An explanation of Iraq’s PMF, 2018 SOF imperatives, in or out in Syria, Germany ends Somalia training mission, U.S. SOF trains with Serbian SAJ, 10th SFGA hosts JROTC cadets, HALO jumps, building African infrastructure, SOF […]