Movie Trailer – Retrograde

Retrograde Movie Trailer

The final nine months of America’s 20-year involvement in the long-running Afghanistan conflict is documented by a film crew from National Geographic. Retrograde captures multiple perspectives of the departure of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The film crew, embedded with U.S. Special Forces, observes the parting of the Green Berets from their Afghan special operations counterparts. After their departure, the film crew remains behind to witness a young Afghan general and his corps fighting off the Taliban even as the country collapses. Falling back to the Kabul airport in August 2021, the film crew is present for the chaotic evacuation of U.S. embassy staff, America citizens, lawful permanent residents of the U.S., and desperate Afghans who want to leave the country. The movie will begin to be shown in theaters across the country beginning November 11, 2022.

Retrograde, Official Trailer, National Geographic Documentary Films, November 7, 2022, 2 minutes.

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