Book Review – Fire in the Jungle

Book Review - Fire in the Jungle

“A Study of One of America’s Most Successful Unconventional Warfare Campaigns”.

Fire in the Jungle is a book that informs those seeking to understand unconventional warfare and how resistance groups form up and fight an occupying power. The resistance movement opposing the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II tied down occupying forces and aided the invasion of U.S. troops that would liberate the Philippines.

Most of the book centers on the resistance movement on the island of Mindanao – the second-largest island in the Philippines located at the southern end of the island chain. The island had a mix of Moro and Christians . . . and U.S. officers played a huge role in uniting them in the common goal of fighting the Japanese.

The organization of Fire in the Jungle is excellent. It starts with an introductory essay on the phases of resistance movements and guerrilla warfare. A chronology, glossary of terms, listing of personalities, and maps is also provided at the front of the book. Before you get to the subsequent chapters you already are familiar with the tools to refer back to as you read through the remainder of the book.

The book chapters follow the formation and growth of the Philippine resistance movement in a chronological manner. The book guides you through the various stages of the formation and operations of the Philippine resistance movement, the Japanese response to the guerrilla warfare, the internal dynamics of the movement, popular support for the resistance, and the outside support received from the United States. A Conclusion, Bibliography, and Index provide the final touches to this book.

Fire in the Jungle was first published by Blacksmith Publishing of Fayetteville, North Carolina in January 2019. It is edited by Paul D. LeFavor with a Foreword by Chief Warrant Officer Five (Ret.) Charles Moritz, (U.S. Army, Special Forces). The author is Colonel (Ret.) Larry S. Schmidt. He is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer who served in Vietnam and during Operation Desert Storm.

The book is available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon.
Fire in the Jungle

The Mindanao resistance movement is an excellent example of a successful resistance against an occupying power. Those who are engaged in the art and science of unconventional warfare would benefit from a reading of the book. Fire in the Jungle is an excellent read for those interested in guerrilla warfare, the war in the Pacific during World War II, or general military history.


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