Commando Force 333 Celebrates Opening of Female Facilities

Special Unit 333 Afghanistan

By Martha Schaeffer, NSOCC-A.

LOGAR, Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s General Command of Police Special Units Commando Force (CF) 333 rededicated a female dormitory at a ceremony in Logar province, Oct. 9, 2018. The upgraded 30-bed facility, including a gym, children’s nursery and a kitchen, will be used by women assigned to the elite police unit. Previously, female operators were forced to live in Kabul and commute to their jobs at CF 333.

The Ministry of Interior has six National Mission Units, also called ‘Triples’, who focus on deliberate and immediate police response. The Logar-based CF 333 conducts a range of special police activities, from high-profile arrests to crisis response, including counter-terrorism and counter-narcotic operations throughout Afghanistan.

During the ceremony, dignitaries from the General Command of Police Special Units and coalition advisors from NATO Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official reopening of the building. The upgraded facility symbolizes both integration of female police officers and an increased focus on unit cohesion within the Triples.

“Today is a great opportunity to see how integrated the female contingent is, within the whole of the force. It’s used to great effect on the ground,” said a NATO advisor who has worked with GCPSU.

“We are happy and pleased to have this facility open today,” said a policewomen assigned to CF333 for seven years. “It provides us with space and privacy. Before we were very limited, but now we have offices, living quarters and a nursery for our children.”

The other National Mission Units; Crisis Response Unit (CRU) 222, based in Kabul; Afghan Territorial Force (ATF) 444, located in Kandahar; ATF 555, in Herat; ATF 888 located in Balkh and ATF 999 in Nangarhar, also have dedicated women’s facilities at their camps or have proposals in the works to build them. The Ministry of Interior funded the facility upgrade for CF 333 and it was the first on-budget facility built through the Facilities Directorate fund.

“For us, there is no difference between male or female operators,” said Brig. Gen. Mir, Commander, General Command of Police Special Units. “Our female operators serve shoulder to shoulder, side by side, with the men in the tough places we go. Now this is your second home.”


This story by Martha Schaeffer of NATO Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan (NSOCC-A) was first published by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service on October 9, 2018. DVIDS content is in the public domain.

Photo: Special Unit 333, photo courtesy of Resolute Support, 11 August 2017.