Modern Political Warfare - RAND Corporation - April 2018

Modern Political Warfare – RAND (2018)

April 5, 2018 SOF News 0

RAND Corporation has published a 355-page paper entitled Modern Political Warfare : Current Practices and Possible Responses (April 2018). Those readers in the special operations community will recognized the names of many of the co-authors of this paper: Linda Robinson, Todd C. […]

A member of the 3rd Special Forces Group participates in Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) training in the 3rd SFG combatives dojo. (Photo US Army, Lewis Perkins, 2018).

Special Operations Combatives Program – SOCP

April 5, 2018 SOF News 0

Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) – U.S. Army Special Forces has adopted a training program that bridges the gap between the foundation training provided by the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) and the unique combative skills required by today’s Special […]

Soldiers assigned to 1st Special Forces Group conduct a log carry drill during an endurance event at Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan. (photo by SSG Kwadwo Frimpong, Nov 30, 2017).

Special Operations News Update 20180404

April 4, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180404 – Newsletter changes, 1st SFG wins sniper competition, Manjib reinforced, USSOCOM’s extra gear, more CV-22s heading to Japan base, Votel speaks at USIP, airstrike in Somalia, 7 Days in Entebbe (the movie), trusting drones, defense acquisition […]

ANA Troops Training (photo NATO, May 2017)

Afghan Conflict Update 20180403

April 3, 2018 SOF News 0

Afghan Conflict Update 20180403 – Taliban and NVGs, book review of Directorate S, ISKP remains a problem, Marines of Task Force South West, video TAAC-N EAP, DoD SEL on Afghanistan, Taliban strategy and RS soundbites, more ScanEagles for Afghanistan, CIVCAS, […]

newsletter experimentation

Newsletter Changes Coming . . .

April 2, 2018 SOF News 0

The staff at SOF News will be doing some experimentation with its WordPress and MailChimp applications over the next few weeks. You will see some small changes in how the newsletter is published. We will likely move from a once a […]

U.S. Marines from Task Force South West react to enemy indirect fire during advising mission with ANA's Operation Maiwand 12 at Camp Shorsrack, Afghanistan. (Photo by SGT Conner Robbins, USMC, March 9, 2018.)

Special Operations News Update 20180402

April 2, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180402 – Deserting the Kurds, history of the 10th SFG badge, amazing SF fighters, enduring change with partner military forces, DuffelBlog on progress in Afghanistan, ODA 595 member speaks on Afghanistan, podcast on Australian “Zed Force”, new […]