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The Global SOF Foundation (GSOF) has published a video describing the formation and employment of Joint Task Force 510. The JTF was deployed in 2002 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines (OEF-P) as part of the U.S. Global War on Terrorism. It was targeted at the Communist insurgency and Islamic terrorist groups.

The mission of JTF 510 was to support the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in their fight against terrorism in the southern Philippines and to defeat terrorists. In addition, it was to defeat terrorists and create the conditions necessary for peace, stability, and prosperity.

In January 2002 the deployment began and involved more than 1,200 members of Special Operations Command Pacific (SOCPAC) headed by Brig. Gen. Donald C. Wurster. SOCPAC’s deployable joint task force HQ, Joint Task Force 510, directed and carried out the operation. Much of the mission took place on the island of Basilan, a stronghold of Abu Sayyaf Group.

The video is hosted by Randy Anderson (GSOF) and moderated by Mike Bosco (GSOF). The video features LTG Donald Wurster (Ret.), LTG David Fridovich (Ret.), and CWO 3 (Ret.) Donald Sikorski. Wurster was the commander of SOCPAC in 2002, Fridovich headed up the Army Special Operations Task Force (ASOTF) in the Philippines in 2002 and was the former commander of SOCPAC in 2005-2006. Sikorski, at the time of the JTF 510 deployment was an Intelligence Officer with SOCPAC.

“SOF Stories: Live!” by Global SOF Foundation
March 31, 2021, 75 minutes

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