Video – “Exploring SOF Identity” – JSOU Forum, March 2021

The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), part of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), held a forum in March 2021 entitled “Exploring SOF Identity”. The lead-in event for the two-day forum featured General David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.). He provides an informative and educational presentation augmented with a question and answer format with JSOU President Dr. Ike Wilson III.

The discussion is wide ranging – with special operations forces being the central theme of the discussion. The topics covered in this video include great power competition, the Indo-Pacific, military technology, TA3E2 missions (train, advise, assist, accompany, equip, and enable), coalition operations, international alliances, the generational fight, re-integration of CA and PSYOP into the SOF world, force structure, ASD SO/LIC, USSOCOM as a separate service, departing Afghanistan, strengthening of RC SOF (SF, CA and PSYOP) with AC SOF, CIA and SOF relationship, and much more.

In the first few minutes Petraeus provides a ‘big picture view’ of the current security environment – leading off with five post-9/11 lessons learned. However, the discussion soon gets into the world of special operations in line with the exploration of the SOF identity. Definitely worth your time to watch.


Exploring SOF Identity
JSOU Quarterly Forum Keynote Conversation
Joint Special Operations University, USSOCOM
Forum held in March 2021
Posted by “Think JSOU” on April 1, 2021, one hour

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