DOL Foundation – Helping Those Who Have Served

DOL Foundation

The DOL Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to professionally developing military service members, veterans, first responders, and spouses, no matter if they are currently serving or prior service. The Foundation is wholly donor-driven, with as close to 100% of donations received going directly to those we serve.

The DOL Foundation was founded in September 2023 by a cross-functional Board of military servicemembers. Each Board Member has served our country and shown dedication through their continued service.  

Scott Kinder (former Army Special Forces), Otis McGregor (LTC Ret. Army Special Forces), Junior Ortiz (LtCol Ret. USMC), and Ramiro Villalobos (E7 Ret. US Air Force) are each established professionals intent on building a strong Foundation honoring the service and commitment of those who’ve served. No board member receives a salary, we have no corporate offices, we hire no consultants, and we don’t discriminate as to who we serve.

The DOL Foundation is focused solely on the professional development of those we serve. We provide donor-funded coaching, funding pathways for industry-accredited certifications, and educational scholarships.

We believe our coaching services to be a key differentiator in our approach. The overarching goal of our 5 hours of coaching is to help focus on life post-service. We want to give them tools to live life with intention while pursuing their purpose to desired success.

Some of the topics we cover over the five hours of our three-phased coaching are:

Phase 1:

  1. Self-awareness and Mindfulness
  2. Creating the Vision and Developing a Plan: Ideal Day
  3. Owning and Controlling Your Calendar
  4. Defining your Post-Service Values

Phase 2: 

  1. Targeting What You Want
  2. Build your Network
  3. Translating Professional Value

Phase 3: 

  1. Establishing Milestones and Execution
  2. Opportunity Analysis
  3. Personal Gap Analysis

All coaching and approved certification costs are covered 100% by the DOL Foundation, and each coaching session is tailored to the service member’s or spouse’s unique needs by matching them to one of our three coaching levels.

The DOL Foundation believes at its core that little is currently being done through existing transition offerings to provide individually tailored professional development services. This failure adds undue stress and anxiety to a complicated post-service career.  

De Oppresso Liber, “DOL,” is Latin for “to free the oppressed” and is the motto of the US Army Special Forces. Our coaches and the Foundation take this calling to heart: we will help those we serve to identify and eliminate what is “oppressing” them and barring them from a happy and successful post-military career.

You can find out more about the DOL Foundation at, and you can support our mission by donating at You can also email any questions you have to Scott Kinder, our Chairman of the Board,