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Map - The Gray Zone and Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid Warfare – Russian hybrid warfare and Finland, Germany victim of Russian moves, Russian UW in Ukraine, and more.

Finland – a Target of Russian Hybrid Warfare. The Finns share a common border with Russia that puts it at risk and also ensures that it will forever need to endure a ‘special relationship’. Russia is very keen to protect its borders and keeping Finland in the ‘neutral corner’ is one of its aims. It does not want a robust North Atlantic Treaty Organization presence in Finland. Russia does not need to mount offensive military operations against Finland to attain its national interests; it can use hybrid warfare as a mechanism to achieve its aims. Read “Hybrid influence – lessons from Finland”NATO Review, June 28, 2017.

Germany As a Target. Russia has used its manipulative ways with countries in addition to the United States. Germany has been a frequent target of Russian disinformation campaigns, cyber attacks, economic pressure, blackmail, use of proxies, and exploitation of minorities. And Why? One prime reason for Russia’s attacks against Germany is the German response to the Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and its conquest of Crimea. Read more in “Germany Confronts Russian Hybrid Warfare”Carnegie Europe, July 26,2017.

Russia’s Ukraine Moves. General (Ret) Charles Cleveland, former commander of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), testified before the Senate Committee on Armed Services in March 2017. The topic was the unconventional warfare activities of Russia in the Ukraine. See “Russian Influence and Unconventional Warfare Operations in the “Grey Zone”: Lessons from Ukraine”, March 29, 2017.

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Hybrid Warfare

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