USSOCOM Fact Book 2023

USSOCOM 2023 Fact Book

The USSOCOM 2023 Fact Book is published annually by the United States Special Operations Command. It has a wealth of information about the elite units of the four services, JSOC, theater special operations commands around the world, and the various types of equipment used by US special operations forces.

Contents of the USSOCOM 2023 Fact Book:

  • Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Headquarters
  • Leadership
  • Mission
  • USSOCOM and Component Map
  • U.S. Army Special Operations Command
  • Naval Special Warfare Command
  • Air Force Special Operations Command
  • Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
  • Joint Special Operations Command
  • Theater Special Operations Command Map
  • Aircraft
  • Maritime
  • Ground
  • SOF Truths
  • Glossary

USSOCOM 2023 Fact Book, United States Special Operations Command, 2023, PDF, 40 pages.

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