US SOF Capabilities Relevant Around the World – USSOCOM Cdr

General Tony Thomas, Commander of USSOCOM

SOF Capabilities – The United States special operations forces possess capabilities that are relevant around the world according to the USSOCOM commander. General Tony Thomas appeared at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Friday, July 21st where he spoke before the conference for one hour. He was interviewed by Fox News national security reporter Catherine Herridge.

Thomas stated that SOF is “not a panacea, we don’t do anything by ourselves and we aren’t doing things that aren’t highly supervised . . .” He went on to say that special operations forces have been in the forefront around the world in countering terrorism and violent extremism.

During the conference he spoke on a variety to topics to include al Qaeda, the Islamic State, the conflict in Syria and Iraq, and potential military options in Korea.

Read more about General Thomas and his appearance at the Aspen Security Conference in “Special Ops Capabilities Relevant Around the World, Commander Says”, by Jim Garamone,¬†U.S. Defense Media Activity,¬†July 22, 2017.

Video: Watch a video of the hour long presentation by General Tony Thomas at the Aspen Security Institute on July 21, 2017.

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