Special Operations News Update 20180627

American and Spanish paratroopers descend onto a drop zone near Zaragoza, Spain on June 23, 2018. Army photo by Lt. Col. John Hall.

SOF News Update 20180627 – threat assessment training for peacekeepers, report – stabilization assistance review, SOF capable sub for Netherlands, US disastrous pivot, Australia’s toughest special forces soldier, Canadians in Mali, violence in central Nigeria, Perspectives on Terrorism, maritime technology for SEALs, SOST member named to SOMA board, SF 180A wins award, NATO’s new air power strategy, infantry OSUT extended, LL from 1st SFAB, and more.

SOF News

SOF Capable Sub for Netherlands. A Swedish submarine with the capability to support intelligence and special operations activities is being planned for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). Read more in “UDT 2018: Intelligence operations key for future Dutch submarine” Shepard Media, June 25, 2018.

SF 180A Wins Award. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Todd Gage, a member of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group is one of a few soldiers that have won the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award for 2018. The award is for soldiers who display excellent leadership, influence, proficiency, Army values, team-building skills, and personal skills. (DVIDS, June 7, 2018).

Interview with Aussie Commando. Sergeant Paul Cale, a former SAS soldier, is interviewed about martial arts, violence in society, and Afghanistan. “Meet Sergeant Paul Cale, Australia’s toughest soldier”News.com.au, June 25, 2018.

SOST Member Named to SOMA Board. A Special Operations Surgical Team member was recently elected to the board of the Special Operations Medical Association. (DVIDS 24th SOW PA, June 26, 2018).

Maritime Technology for SEALs. USSOCOM has a number of programs in the works to improve transport, communications, and equipment for its combat divers. Read more in “New Maritime Technology for Navy SEALs on the Way”National Defense Magazine, June 26, 2018.


Canadian’s in Mali. A theatre activation team of the Canadian forces has arrived in Mali to do some reconnaissance and logistics planning for a soon-to-arrive Canadian peacekeeping force. Up to 250 troops, two Chinook helicopters, and four armed Griffon helicopters will be taking part in an expanded United Nations activity in the troubled region of Africa. (CBC.CA, June 24, 2018).

Violence in Central Nigeria. The African nation of Nigeria is experiencing increasing violence within its borders. There has been a surge of violence the past few years between cattle herders and farmers. The onset of drought conditions in the region to the north has forced herders to move southward thus being a source of conflict over land. See “Nigeria Police Say 86 People Killed in Central Region Attack”Bloomberg, June 25, 2018.

Military News

NATO’s New Air Power Strategy. An 11-page document provides some details of NATO’s new air power strategy. (NATO, June 26, 2018).

Threat Assessment Training for Peacekeepers. Nathan Meehan writes about training that will help keep personnel deployed on peacekeeping missions safe from a variety of threats through early identification of dangerous situations. Read “Threat Assessment Training for Peacekeepers: A Proven Business Approach”Small Wars Journal, June 25, 2018.

Infantry OSUT Extended. Infantry One-Station Unit Training is being lengthened by eight weeks. Infantry OSUT combines the separate basic training and advanced individual training under one program. (Army Times, June 26, 2018).

DoS Report – Stabilization Assistance Review (SAR). The Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Department of Defense have released a 21-page report that helps identify ways that the United States can more effectively leverage diplomatic engagements, defense, and foreign assistance to stabilize conflict-affected areas. (Department of State, June 19, 2018).

LL from 1st SFAB. The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade is in its fourth month of deployment to Afghanistan. One of the shortfalls was expertise in logistics and mortar gunnery. Read more in “These are some lessons learned from the first security force assistance brigade deployment”Army Times, June 22, 2018.


The Disastrous U.S. Pivot. The United States has been focused on counterinsurgency and counterterrorist for the past 17 years but success has been fleeting in many cases. The threats from terrorist organizations, insurgents, and non-state actors has not diminished (from an overall perspective). However, the U.S. military appears to be leaving the low-intensity conflicts behind in a shift to address the threat by near-peer competitors. At the moment the military’s attention seems focused on North Korea, China, and Russia. One observer worries about this. Read “After 17 Years of Fighting Terror, the U.S. Makes a Disastrous Pivot”,  Pacific Standard, June 25, 2018.


Perspectives on Terrorism. The latest issue of Perspectives on Terrorismhas been published online. Articles covered the topics of jihadists and social media, jihadi beheadings, root causes of terrorism, Facebook safety, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, and more.


Photo: American and Spanish paratroopers descend onto a drop zone near Zaragoza, Spain on June 23, 2018. Army photo by Lt. Col. John Hall.

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