Special Operations News Update 20170103

1-10th SFGA Special Forces Soldier fastroping from a Black Hawk helicopter in Europe (photo SOCEUR 2016).
1-10th SFGA Special Forces Soldier fastroping from a Black Hawk helicopter in Europe (photo SOCEUR 2016).

SOF News Update 20170103 – Data breach of SOCOM subcontractor, AFSOC video of 353rd SOG, NYC billionaire receives recognition from GBF, book review of Rogues Heroes, New Zealand SAS selection for civilians, Russian KSO, weapons wanted by US SOF, and more.

AFSOC Video. Watch a five-minute long video of the 353rd Special Operations Group (Air Force) in action in SOG Mission VideoDVIDS, May 11, 2016.

NYC Billionaire Receives Award from Green Berets. Radio talk show host John Catsimatidis and his wife Margo received recognition from the Green Beret Foundation. Their “Lifetime Achievement Award” was for their philanthropic work supporting U.S. Special Forces and their families. Read more in “NYC Billionaire Honored by Green Berets”Scout Warrior, December 31, 2016.

NZSAS Selection. The New Zealand SAS are well known for being extremely picky with who gets into their ranks. Their selection process is stringent. While it is possible for a civilian to come off the streets (no prior military experience) and be selected for the SAS it is very difficult. Only four civilians have done so in the past four years. Read more in “Four civilians dared and won – they walked off the street to join the elite NZSAS”New Zealand Herald, January 3, 2017.

“What Weapons Do Spec Ops Forces Want?”Scout Warrior provides a list of high-tech guns that U.S. special operators want.

Data Breach of SOCOM Sub-Contractor. The United States Special Operations Command is investigating claims that a healthcare provider for SOCOM has loose security measures and that an investigator was able to breach the firm’s database. Read more in a news report by the Tampa Bay Times, January 2, 2016.

Russian KSO. The Russian Special Operations Command or KSO has been known since 2013 but it has received little publicity. Of late the KSO has been operating in Syria (probably since October 2015) if not earlier. The KSO is different than the Spetsnaz (who fought extensively in Afghanistan and Chechnya and later in the Ukraine). It would appear that the KSO is a step up in class – according to some reports. Read more in “Special Operations: Russia Expands Its Playbook”Strategy Page, December 31, 2016.

Book Review – “Rogue Heroes”. Jeff Moravetz has published a review of a book about the British SAS during World War II. (Fredericksburg.com, Dec 31, 2016).

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