UNPFK Guerrillas with AN/GRC-9

Plan ABLE and Origins of UNPFK

January 23, 2024 DVIDS 0

By Erin Thompson. On 23 January 1951, Col. John H. McGee and Maj. William A. Burke of the Eighth Army (EUSA) G-3 submitted a report to the United Nations Far East Command (FEC) recommending the use of North Korean anti-communist […]

Map of Somalia (CIA map)

SOF News Weekly Update – 20160821

August 21, 2016 SOF News 0

SOF News Update: US SOF raid in Somalia, interesting facts on the WWII British SOE, IPB in the “Gray Zone”, and SOF in the ground war against ISIS in northern Iraq. U.S. SOF in Raid in Somalia. United States special […]