Congressman Mike Waltz – Green Beret in Congress

Congressman Mike Waltz - a Green Beret has been elected to Congress from the state of Florida

Mike Waltz, a Green Beret, has been elected to serve as a Congressman from Florida’s 6th congressional district. He has had a varied and interesting career. He served in U.S. Army Special for many years to include two tours in Afghanistan.

He is also a book author, Fox News Analyst, and small business owner. Previous jobs saw him working at the policy level at both the Department of Defense and Department of State.

He attended Virginia Military Institute and served for over 21 years in the Army attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Among his decorations are four bronze stars – two for valor. In addition to being a graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course he was a graduate of the Ranger School.

He understands foreign policy from different perspectives – at ground level through his experience in Special Forces as well as at the policy level. He served as a counterterrorism advisor in the White House and at the Pentagon as a policy director in the Department of Defense during the Bush Administration.

He is also well versed on domestic issues. He co-founded a small business – Metis Solutions – with over 400 employees working in the United States, Europe, and in the Middle East.

As a Fox News contributor Mike Waltz provided his perspective on a regular basis on events around the world. His objective insight was always informative and accurate.

In addition to all of the above Waltz is a book author. Based on his experiences in the White House and the Department of Defense – as well as his time in combat on the ground in Afghanistan – he wrote the book Warrior Diplomat: A Green Beret’s Battles From Washington to¬† Afghanistan (2014).

With his business, government, and military experience he will do well in Congress representing his Florida district in his role as Congressman.


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