Tip of the Spear – USSOCOM – June 2019

Tip of the Spear, USSOCOM, June 2019

The United States Special Operations Command has published the June 2019 issue of Tip of the Spear. This 40- page online PDF has a number of interesting articles about U.S. special operations forces participating in exercises and operations around the world – as well as some historical content. A good read! The articles are summarized below.

U.S. Forces Train With Moroccan Forces Via Contingency Scenarios. AFSOC worked with the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco during the 10-day Epic Guardian 19 exercise in April 2019.

NATO SOF Snipers Hit the Mark. Photos of the a recent (April 2019) International Special Training Centre’s Urban Sniper Course.

ISTC Offers Elite NATO SOF Realistic Combat Medical Course. The International Special Training Centre in Stettin, Germany conducts a 21-week long intensive medical course for SOF medics.

Combined SOF Take Part in BK 19. U.S. special operations forces worked with Philippines SOF and Australian Defence Force during the Balikatan 2019 exercise held in April 2019 in the Philippines.

USAID, SOF Partner to Accomplish the 3D’s. The United States Agency for International Development – working with U.S. SOF – provided for stabilization and humanitarian assistance to areas of Syria liberated by the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF).

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc. More than 100 Rangers from the 75th Ranger Regiment scaled the cliffs of Normandy as part of the 75th observance of D-Day.

Men and Women Special Operators Take The War to the Enemy at D-Day and Beyond. The special operators of WWII are recognized.

SEAL Military Dive Operations. Some nice photos of NSW in action.

Special Tactics TACP Awarded Silver Star for Afghan Ambush. Tech Sergeant Cam Kelsch, a ST Tactical Air Control Party operator, is recognized for his heroic actions in Afghanistan.

Other articles include a story about a Marine Raider graduating from French Commando training, the induction of four historic figures into the Commando Hall of Honor (USSOCOM), the 19th Sovereign Challenge conference, honoring a legend of the WWII Doolittle raids, and more.

Tip of the Spear, USSOCOM, June 2019


Photo: From the June 2019 issue of Tip of the Spear.

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