Return of Special Warfare Magazine

Special Warfare Magazine

For many decades members of the special operations community awaited the periodic publication throughout the year of the Special Warfare magazine produced in print and online by the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (USAJKFSWCS). The finely produced publication provided excellent commentary on doctrine, SOF history, current events, and more for the special operations community.

Over the past few years the frequency of the publication has diminished and there was quite a break between the last issue and this August 2023 issue. The current issue is only 13 pages long. Past issues were anywhere from 44 pages to over 100 pages long. So I suppose we should manage our expections! Time will tell.

Topics in the August 2023 issue of Special Warfare.

  • TRADOC’s Training Revolution: TRADOC 50th Anniversary
  • ARSOF Heritage Week
  • Distinguished & Honorary Members of the Regiments
  • Vietnam-era Medal of Honor Recipient Receives Special Forces Honor
  • JFK Special Warfare Museum
  • ARSOF Lineage or Legacy: Which is the right word?

Let’s hope the Special Warfare magazine comes back frequently and as robust as past issues have been over the years. It provided a valuable service to ARSOF members in the past and hopefully the magazine will do the same in the future.


Past issues of Special Warfare can be accessed online at the links below. You will find that neither link has all of the past issues – just some of them.
Special Warfare – DVIDS

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