JSOU Pub – U.S. SOF and Moral Injury

SOF and Moral Injury

The Joint Special Operations University Press has published a paper entitled Moral Injury: Implications for U.S. SOF and Ethical Resiliency. The authors share a summary, review and the implications of moral injury in the U.S. special operations community. They examine how improperly treated and inadequately cared for moral injury can affect the entire special operations communtiy.

The authors “conclude that the possibilities and probabilities remain for a restored spirit, renewed hope, and curative healing even after the operators have experienced ethical, moral, and spiritual crucibles encountered as a result of SOF duties.”

Topics include:

  • SOF culture and moral injury
  • PTSD and moral injury in SOF
  • SOF ethos and ethics, moral drift, and moral injury
  • Reimagined SOF professional military education and moral injury
  • Training SOF teams to combat moral injury
  • Scientific research analysis
  • Literature review
  • Examples of moral injury in SOF
  • Acronyms


Moral Injury: Implications for U.S. SOF and Ethical Resiliency, Joint Special Operations University Press, JSOU Report 23-2, March 15, 2023, PDF, 134 pages.

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