JSOU Pub: SOF Interagency Reference Guide 2020

SOF Interagency Research Guide JSOU 2020

The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) has published the Special Operations Forces Interagency Reference Guide. This is the 4th edition, published in April 2020.

This 166-page publication (PDF) is a valuable reference work for special operations staff officers, members of the SOF community attending professional education, and partners within the interagency (IA) enterprise. The first edition of this guide was published in 2009. This current edition replaces the 3rd edition published in 2013.

The international security environment is changing and this new edition takes that into account. The updated guide addresses SOF IA engagement across the entire international competition continuum.


  • Chapter 1 – SOF, the Elements of National Power, and the Interagency Process
  • Chapter 2 – Threats, Intelligence, and the Intelligence Community
  • Chapter 3 – Defense, Diplomacy, and Development
  • Chapter 4 – Overseas Contingency Structures
  • Chapter 5 – Beyond the U.S. Government Agency Community
  • Chapter 6 – Countering and Combating Terrorism
  • Chapter 7 – Interagency Evolution: Past and Future

There are four appendices that provide information on organizations, programs, definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms. Also in the pub is a listing of ranks of foreign service, military, civil service, and NATO officials.

“This Special Operations Forces Interagency Reference Guide is intended to assist the special operations warrior who is faced with the often-bewildering array of USG IA departments, agencies, and organizations as well as the HNs, PNs, IGOs, and NGOs who also act as players within any given AO.”

This guide is designed to support the JSOU’s mission and its interagency educational program that consists of six educational activities (courses, seminars, etc.). In addition to assisting the educational programs of JSOU the guide will be useful for the professional development of SOF practitioners throughout the U.S. military and governmental structure.

Special Operations Forces Interagency Reference Guide, 4th Edition, Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) Press, MacDill AFB, Florida, April 2020, 166 pages, PDF.


Image. From front cover of JSOU publication.

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