Sentinel – March 2023 Issue

Sentinel March 2023

The Sentinel – a newsletter of the Quiet Professionals is published every month by Chapter 78 of the Special Forces Association serving the SF community in Southern California. Their monthly newsletter is available online and by subscription.

The March 2023 issue has a number of interesting articles and stories:

  • SFACON 2023: High Speed – Low Drag. The Special Forces Association National Convention for 2023 will be held in Indianapolis. Read more about this upcoming event.
  • Book Review: Budapest to Vietnam. A book by Nick Hun and Michael Jewell is reviewed. It is the story of Nick Hun – who served as an MP, a Green Beret, and in many other roles.
  • A Journalist’s First Trip to a Communist Country. Marc Yablonka relates his trip to Laos in 1990.
  • Saigon Memories – 1990. The experiences of traveling to Vietnam in 1990 is related in this article by Marc Yablonka.
  • Value Added: A/1/19th SFG in Iraq. In September 2002, A/1/19th SFG arrived in Kuwait and immediately set to work. Its primary mission was training and conducting liaison duties with elements of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces.
  • Alpha Company, 1/19th SFG(A) At War. A National Guard company went to war shortly supporting the invasion of Iraq.
  • The Bolivian Rangers and the Capture of Che Guevara. The final episode of Che’s Bolivian adventure in October 1967 is detailed.
  • MACV Recondo School. The history of the recondo school that ran in South Vietnam for a number of years.

Sentinel, March 2023, PDF, 20 pages. You can read online or download the PDF.

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