PRISM: Call for Submissions

PRISM National Defense University

The National Defense University’s flagship journal of national and international security affairs has issued a “Call for Submissions”.

PRISM seeks to expand and inform the national and international security community of policy-makers, practitioners, and scholars. SOF are among the best informed and most committed members of this community, and their insights are invaluable. PRISM welcomes article manuscripts from the SOF community. Its mission is to map the evolving global threat environment for current and future national and international security leaders. PRISM’s scope is aligned with the National Security and National Defense Strategies. Manuscripts should be 4,000–8,000 words and must emphasize second- and third-order analysis. Original manuscripts should be submitted to <>.

All submissions are subject to PRISM’s rigorous threshold and peer review process. Threshold is largely determined by topical relevance, continuing education for national and international security professionals, scholarly standards of argumentation, quality of writing, and readability. To help achieve threshold, authors are strongly encouraged to provide insight beyond the headlines, clearly explain national security relevance, and propose actionable recommendations.

Prism, National Defense University

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