FM 3-0 Operations

FM 3.0 Operations

The Department of the Army has released its latest version of FM 3-0, Operations. The lessons learned from past conflicts in recent years have been shaping how the military fights and conducts operations. Multidomain operations started as an operating concept, and the U.S. Army is now solidifying it into doctrine.

Field Manual 3-0 remains rooted in the principles of war, reinforces the offensive mindset, and establishes multidomain operations (MDO) as the Army’s operational concept. MDO concept draws from previous operational concepts such as AirLand Battle, Full Spectrum Operations, and Unified Land Operations.

Contents by Chapter:

  • Chapter 1 – Foundations of Operations
  • Chapter 2 – Generating and Applying Combat Power
  • Chapter 3 – Fundamentals of Operations
  • Chapter 4 – Operations During Competition Below Armed Conflict
  • Chapter 5 – Operations During Crisis
  • Chapter 6 – Operations During Armed Conflict
  • Chapter 7 – Operations in Maritime Environments
  • Chapter 8 – Leadership During Operations

Contents by Appendices and other Sections:

  • Appendix A – The Principles of War
  • Appendix B – Command and Support Relationships
  • Appendix C – Contested Deployments
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index


FM 3.0, Operations, October 2022, PDF, 280 pages.

Image: Department of the Army.

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