SOF and Arctic Security and Strategy

Special Operations Winter Mountain Operator Course

The September-October 2022 issue of the Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs has published a series of articles (15) on Arctic strategy and security. Three of these articles are focused on special operations forces activities in the high north.

“Special Operations Command North: Leading Special Operations Forces into the North American Arctic”, by BG Shawn Satterfield and Lt Col Sky Jensen, JIPA, Air University Press, October 3, 2022. View online.

“Special Operations Forces and Arctic Indigenous People: Partnering to Defend the North American Arctic Homeland”, by LTC James Morton and Dr. Ryan Burke, JIPA, Air University Press, October 3, 2022. View online.

“The Unconventional Approach to Arctic Security: Increasing Domain Awareness through the US Army Special Operations Forces’ Indigenous Approach”, by MAJ W. Barrett Martin, MAJ Michael Tovo, and MAJ Devin Kirkwood, JIPA, Air University Press, October 3, 2022. View online.

In addition to the three articles cited above, the JIPA issue has many more articles about Arctic security and strategy:

  • Campaigning at the Top of the World
  • Arctic Strategy Deterrence and D├ętente
  • Forging the Arctic Warrior
  • Landpower and Security in the European Arctic
  • Alaska’s Strategic Importance
  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Freezes Moscow’s Arctic Ambitions
  • Securing a Blue Arctic Century
  • Why China is Not a Peer Competitor in the Arctic
  • Melting a Chinese Iceberg
  • Above the Arctic (Cooperation in Space)
  • Polar Nights, White Nights, and Normal Days and Nights
  • The Three-Fold Path of the Snow Dragon


The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (JIPA), Air University Press, September-October 2022, PDF, 176 pages.

Photo: Special Operations Winter Mountain Operator Course. 10th Special Forces Group, March 2022

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