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Irregular Warfare Podcast

The Irregular Warfare Podcast is a new podcast series launched in May 2020. This podcast should prove to be valuable for the special operations professional as well as other members of the military. The podcast is brought us by the Modern War Institute at West Point and the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project of Princeton University.

The hosts of the Irregular Warfare Podcast are Kyle Atwell and Nick Lopez. Atwell is an active duty U.S. Army officer and Ph.D. student in Security Studies at Princeton University. He has had operational assignments in Afghanistan, South Korea, Europe, and Africa. His current research interests include military strategy, irregular and partnered warfare, and more. Lopez is an active duty Special Forces officer, a graduate of West Point, and currently engaged in graduate studies in preparation for an assignment as a Foreign Area Officer.

The first episode of the Irregular Warfare Podcast was published on May 25, 2020. The episode was entitled “What Are Small Wars?”. The two hosts (Atwell and Lopez) discuss questions of small wars with Dr. Jake Shapiro and Colonel Patrick Howell. Shapiro is a professor of political science at Princeton University and Howell is the director of the Modern War Institute. This episode centers around the nature of small wars, whether they matter in an era of great power competition, and what are the lessons learned over the past few decades about how to fight small wars.

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The podcast series will assist in bridging the gap between scholars and practitioners. It will be a forum that provides for the exchange of big ideas and best practices for irregular warfare scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. The topics to be explored will include small wars, counterterrorism, proxie warfare, special operations, drone strikes, and more.This podcast will likely become a favorite for SOF professionals.


Podcast: “What Are Small Wars?”, Irregular Warfare Podcast, May 25, 2020, 32 minutes.

Photo and Image: From Irregular Warfare Podcast.

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