Letter from Afghan Pilot to Widow of Slain US Soldier

A U.S. intelligence officer on his fourth combat tour was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, November 3rd in an insider attack – commonly known as a ‘green-on-blue’ incident. Major Brent Taylor was on his fourth combat tour – having completed two tours to Iraq and one previously to Afghanistan. He was working for the Special Operations Joint Task Force (SOJTF) training Afghan Commandos.

An Afghan pilot who Taylor befriended has wrote a public letter to the family of Major Brent Taylor. Major Abdul Rahman Rahmani, a pilot with the Afghan Special Mission Wing (SMW), recently spent a year in a training school with the United States Marine Corps approximately one year ago. Rahmani has since returned to flying duty with the SMW. He and Major Taylor conducted several missions together and they were friends.

Maj Abdul Rahman Rahmani sent a letter to the family of Major Brent Taylor after he was killed in an insider attack in Afghanistan.


The letter was sent to the family of Major Taylor but also provided by Major Rahmani for public distribution.

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