Green Berets still have to do online Cyber Challenge training

Cyber Challeng

Some people are exempt (like Secretary’s of State) but Special Operations people still have to do Cyber Challenge Online Training . . . .

The military takes great pride in its ability to protect secrets. It has a robust computer E-mail system that works on its own Internet called the NIPRNET and a classified system called the SIPRNET. And there are other highly classified E-mail systems as well. In order to be able to get a log-on for these systems military members, DoD civilians, and DoD contractors must attend some security awareness classes and pass some computer security online training.

It appears that one such class presented to some military personnel was showing some creativity in the classroom presentation when they showed a picture of Hillary Clinton as an example of being an ‘Insider Threat’ because of her poor computer security skills and practices. Read more in “Army confirms: Training slide lists Hillary Clinton as an insider threat”Washington Examiner, August 23, 2016.

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