Contractors in War Zones – How to Type Cast

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Contractors in a War Zone. It is common knowledge that, at least in the past decade, there are almost as many if not more contractors working in a war zone than there are military personnel. These contractors seem to be everywhere – in the PX, the dining facility, air terminal, sometimes in the gym, and walking around the FOB or compound.

But what do these contractors do? How much money do they really make? One writer (we assume he has spent some time in a war zone) has categorized them into six different groups: “The Action Figure”, “The Poser”, “The Professor On Safari”, “The Perpetual Expat”, “The Technician”, and “The One-And-Doner”. I guess, as a past and sometimes present contractor I used to be “The Action Figure”, but now I am “The Perpetual Expat”. Then again I am old enough and dress closely enough (love L.L. Bean) to be “The Professor On Safari”. But I am thinking that my work ethic and knowledge is very similar to “The Technician”. Hmmm. If I had to settle on one then it would be the expat.

Read more in “The 6 Types of Contractors You Encounter Overseas”, by Chief Reilly, Task & Purpose, September 28, 2016.

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