NATO’s SFA Operator Profile

NATO SFA Operator Profile

A new publication, SFA Operator Profile, by NATO offers a information about advisors, mentors, and trainers in the security force assistance environment. The report is published by the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) located in Italy.

The document identifies lessons learned and best practices to enhance NATO HQs and NATO nations’ abilities to select, recruit, train, and deploy personnel in security force assistance operations. The project focuses on the job descriptions as well as the human and professional requirements necessary in a strategic, operational, and tactical environment. The publication aims to be a tool in understanding the complexity of the SFA field and the pivotal role of the human dimension in the SFA environment.

The recommendations in the report will assist in elaborating the profile and job description of the SFA operator. The report examines three broad topics:

  • Address the differences and peculiarities of the SFA functions of advising, mentoring, and training
  • Outline considerations concerning SFA training
  • Focus on the analysis of behavioral aspects and core competencies of the SFA population

There are two main chapters in the report – “Research Outcomes Analysis” and “Psychological Profile”. The SFA Operator Profile has a conclusion and recommendation for each chapter. The end of the report includes a list of acronyms and biographies of the authors. This is a good read for those who are training officers and NCOs to become advisors, mentors, or trainers as well as military personnel who are or will be serving in those roles.


The NATO SFA COE is a multinational entity accredited by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a “Centre of Excellence”. It is sponsored by the countries of Italy, Albania, and Slovenia. The Centre is recognized as a hub of reference in the Security Force Assistance field by NATO and other countries around the world.

SFA Operator Profile, NATO SFA COE, April 2022, PDF, 62 pages.


Reference: Watch a two-minute long video that describes the intent of the report cited above. “SFA Operator Profile Analysis Report”, NATO SFA COE, April 12, 2022, YouTube.

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