SOF News – Back in January 2021

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SOF News is taking several months off. This fall the editor has a couple of short-term contract assignments, two long-term writing projects to work on, a vacation, and a few other time-consuming commitments. He learned a long time ago that one can only do so many things well before performance degrades – so a little prioritization is in order.

So we are taking a break – just as an infantry patrol takes a knee to check the map, make comms, take on some water, and rest the weary feet. After our break we will be back in January 2021 – with the articles and newsletters resuming as before.

Signing up for our daily email newsletter is the best way to track the resumption of our return. We will continue to post on news, analysis, and commentary about special operations, national security, and conflicts around the world during this time on social media.




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See you in January 2021!

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