Marine’s THS V.2 – Target Handoff System for Fire Support

Marines Target Handoff System THS V.2 (Photo by SSgt Joe Laws, USAF, Dec 2016)
Marines Target Handoff System THS V.2 (Photo by SSgt Joe Laws, USAF, Dec 2016)

The Marines are receiving the THS V.2 or Target Handoff System – a smart phone that will make calling for fire support quicker, more accurate, and much easier. The THS V.2 is portable and designed for use by dismounted Marines. It provides the Marines the ability to locate targets via GPS and call for artillery, naval gunfire, and close air support with secure digital comms.

Designed for use by forward observers, air controllers and joint terminal attack controllers, THS V.2 allows users to quickly and accurately determine a target’s location and digitally transmit (hand-off) the data to supporting arms elements. The system automatically generates coordinates for targets identified by a Marine and digitizes the information into a map application pre-installed on the smartphone, eliminating the need for manual input. Once digitized, the information is transmitted to the Fire Support Coordination Center, where the proper approach of attack is determined. The FSCC then coordinates air, artillery or naval fire support to extinguish the threat.

The system’s upgraded software includes a new, easy-to-understand interface similar to operating systems used by everyday mobile users. THS V.2 will also come with a pre-installed “Start Guide” help app with step-by-step tutorials ranging from configuration to trouble shooting operations.

Read the entire story by Mathuel Browne, MCSC Office of Public Affairs and Communications, in “Marines to get smart phones to call in fire support”, December 16, 2016.

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