SOF News Monthly Journal – Feb 2021

SOF News Monthly Journal - Feb 2021

Catch up on the news about special operations from the past month by reading the February 2021 issue of the SOF News Monthly Journal. A series of articles about special operations, national security, and conflicts around the world.

Feature Articles:

Desert Storm – 30 Years Ago the Gulf War Ended
Desert Storm – SOF Scud Hunting Mission in Iraq
Desert Storm – SF Team Fights for Survival Behind Enemy Lines
Spirit -3 – Downed AC-130H During Desert Storm
Naval SOF Exercise in Mediterranean Sea
Inspector General Report on Operations Inherent Resolve
SOCSOUTH has a Space Force Guardian
Civil Affairs, ADAPT, and “Soft Power”
Yemen: U.S. Pulling Support
Book Review: “When the Tempest Gathers”
Video – SOF Center for Medical Integration and Development
New: House Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations
Afghanistan Conflict Update
Afghanistan Study Group Final Report


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SOF News Monthly Journal
February 2021
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