ISIS Distributes RBs – “Belts of Invincibility”

Reflective Belts for Physical Training

ISIS Outfitting Special Units with RBs. It appears that the capabilities of the Islamic State fighters will soon grow. Recent news reports indicate that ISIS is outfitting selected specialized units with yellow and orange reflective belts. It is believed that these very effective ‘shielding devices’ were recently found by ISIS in a old Conex container on the former FOB Marez (at one time a U.S. base adjacent to the Mosul airfield). It is not known if there is any significance to which color is worn – orange or yellow. The reflective belts are being touted as “The Belt of Invincibility”. These important items are most likely an attempt to improve morale among units under attack in the Mosul area and city proper. Read more in “Pentagon officials fear ISIS militants now armed with reflective belts”Duffel Blog, December 18, 2016.

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