Mosul Endgame?

Map Northern Iraq

So  . . . the Iraqi forces (might as well say the ‘Golden Division’) will soon capture Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city now controlled by ISIS. So what happens after the capture? We know that the Iraqi forces (spearheaded by it’s SOF units) will capture the city . . . eventually. The ‘clearing’ part is a given. What about the ‘hold’ and ‘build’ part? Is there a Mosul endgame? Is the Iraqi police ready to move in? Is the Iraqi government all set to move in a ‘government in a box’ to set up a city administration? And as for ISIS after it is cleared from Mosul? ISIS will probably, at least in the Mosul vicinity, revert back to an insurgency. Read more in “Top commander in Iraq says Islamic State group will ‘morph into a true insurgent force'”, Military Times, August 10, 2016.

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