Video – Operation Overlord and the OSS in France

OSS Operation Overlord

A recent film by the OSS Society tells the story of Allied special forces whose daring exploits changed the course of World War II. The film was released in May 2020 just prior to the 76th anniversary of D-Day – the invasion of Europe by Allied forces.

Leon Panetta, a former Secretary of Defense and head of the Central Intelligence Agency, provides the opening remarks. The film documents the activities of the Office of Strategic Services and the Special Operations Executive in the period prior to the Normandy beach invasion and during the landings.

The film provides photographs, maps, and a description of the OSS agents who parachuted or landed by boat into France. The film depicts the variety of missions that were conducted by these special forces agents to ensure the success of the Allied invasion of France.

This short film is informative and entertaining – especially if you have an interest in the history of World War II, special operations, or unconventional warfare.

Operation Overlord: OSS and the Battle for France, OSS Society, May 29, 2020, 16 minutes.

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