Operation JUST CAUSE – Panama December 1989

Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama took place in December 1989. (graphic from USSOCOM Twitter feed Dec 20, 2016.
Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama took place in December 1989. SOCSouth, 7th SFGA, SEALs, AFSOC, and Rangers all took part in the operation. (graphic from USSOCOM Twitter feed Dec 20, 2016.)

On this day – December 20, 1989 – Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama began. The operation arrested Maneul Noriega – the ruling dictator – and restored the government of Guillermo Endara.

Special Operations Command South (SOCSouth) was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone at Fort Clayton – occupying part of the on-base elementary school. 3rd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group was also based in the Panama Canal Zone. In the days prior to the invasion some U.S. military personnel flew in via commercial airlines. Many combat units parachuted into Panama to include the Army Rangers and 82nd Airborne Division.

Once combat operations ceased the conflict went into the stabilization mode – restoring public services, re-establishing the nation’s government, and re-training and recruiting for the country’s police forces. Many U.S. special operations forces were assigned throughout Panama to the rural areas to help with the implementation of the newly formed Panama Police Force. This phase of the operation was called Operation PROMOTE LIBERTY and lasted several months.

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Operation JUST CAUSE

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