Book – Waging Insurgent Warfare by Seth Jones

Waging Insurgent Warfare by Seth Jones

Seth G. Jones, of the RAND Corporation, has wrote a book entitled Waging Insurgent Warfare. It is about the dynamics of insurgent groups. He taps into recent history and current events “to identify factors that contribute to the rise of an insurgency . . .” as well as the identifying the key components of an insurgency, and the elements and factors that contribute to the end of insurgencies.

Seth Jones has been an analyst of current warfare for a number of years. He served as an advisor to the Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan (CFSOCC-A) in Afghanistan. One of his previous books was In the Graveyard of Empires: America’s War in Afghanistan.

The book, Waging Insurgent Warfare: Lessons From the Vietcong to the Islamic State, was released for distribution in November 2016.

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