USAJFKSWCS Has New Website

Helicast SFCDQC 2020

SWCS has a new website and it is chock full of some great information about training for Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations. The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (USAJFKSWCS) or SWCS for short is one of the Army’s premier training and education centers.

At any given time during the year SWCS is host to over 3,000 students that are attending courses ranging from entry-level training to extremely advanced training for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) soldiers. There are over 41 courses at the training center located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

There are some great features available on the website:



Photo: A student from the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School who is in the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course leaps off the tailgate of an MH-47 over the open ocean at dusk near Key West, Florida February 24, 2020. Students who attended the six-week course were qualified as basic military open-circuit and closed-circuit combat divers knowledgeable in waterborne surface infiltration and exfiltration tactics, techniques and procedures and qualified in waterborne operations including day and night ocean subsurface navigation swims, day and night infiltration dives, deep dives, search dives, diving physics, physiology and injuries, marine hazards, tides and currents. (U.S. Army photo by K. Kassens)

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