Playstation Special Ops Nightfall – Virtual Reality Training

Air Force Special Ops Free Fall (Photo credit : USAF)
Air Force Special Ops Free Fall (Photo credit : USAF)

Playstation Special Ops Nightfall – The Air Force is offering folks the opportunity to free fall (parachute) as a special operations airmen using virtual reality. “Air Force Special Ops Nightfall”is a virtual reality free fall gaming experience.

Gamers can put on a virtual reality headset and get the feel for what it takes to be a special operations airmen. The game simulates the actions of parachuting from a C-130 transport aircraft. Included are parachute control and night landings.

Air Force Playstation Special Ops Nightfall is free for all PlayStation users and can be downloaded on

Read more in “No training required: Be a special ops airman in Air Force PlayStation game”Air Force Times, July 16, 2017.

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