CV-22 Maintenance – Keeping the Osprey Flying for SOF

CV-22 Osprey

Keeping the Osprey Airborne – CV-22 Maintenance. A lot of maintenance takes place to keep the CV-22 Osprey of AFSOC’s 27th Special Operations Wing of Cannon Air Force Base in flying condition. The maintenance workers get a lot done during the hours of darkness.

“The aircraft taxis to its home for the night and powers down, the sparkle of its rotors’ static electricity disappearing from view in the pilots’ night vision goggles. The engines bow forward, the lights turn off and an aircrew emerges from the Osprey’s back ramp. The fliers have successfully completed their night’s work. But for the 727th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron’s 20th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, the night has just begun.

This is mid-shift, the 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. block of the night when the 20th AMU is at its busiest, according to Master Sgt. Harry Rodriguez, 727th SOAMXS production superintendent.”

Read more about CV-22 maintenance in “Cannon After Dark: Night life with the 20th AMU”DVIDS, November 18, 2016.

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