Latvian SOF is briefed by an Afghan officer assigned to a Mobile Strike Kandak during the Cobra Strike Maneuver Course near Kabul. Photo by MSG Felix Figueroa, NSOCC-A, Sep 2018.

Cobra Strike Maneuver Course – ANASOC

September 28, 2018 SOF News 0

The Cobra Strike Maneuver Course (CSMC) conducted at Camp Scorpion is the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) School of Excellence (SOE) training venue for developing the fighting skills of entire Commando Special Operations Kandak’s (SOKs). The Commandos learn […]

Navy SEALs

Special Operations News Update 20180927

September 27, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180927 – Women in the infantry, USMC fitness standards increasing, King of Battle, SEA for 7th SFGA, more spies needed, USASOC’s SORB, big bucks for SOF, Prince and the Russians, new choppers for Aussie SOF, Syria strategy explained, […]

MG Fadhil al-Barwari 1st ISOF

Remembering MG Fadhil Barwari – ISOF Commander

September 25, 2018 SOF News 0

By David M. Witty Major General Fadhil Barwari, commander of the 1st Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) Brigade, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), was a central figure in the Iraqi ethos in the struggle against the Islamic State of Iraq […]

SEALs prepare to launch Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) from the back of the USS Philadelphia. The SDVs are used to carry Navy SEALs from a submerged submarine to enemy targets while staying underwater and undetected. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Andrew McKaskle, May 5, 2005.

Special Operations News Update 20180924

September 24, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180924 – SBS getting SDV MK XI SWCSs, Russia’s Black Shadow DPVs, paper – Will to Fight, political commissars redux, M4 glitch fixed, Mk13 sniper rifle for USMC, Turkish combat divers, and more. SOF News SBS’s SWCSs. The […]

Egyptian paratroopers coordinate CAS w/ Egyptian F-16s during Bright Star 2018 in Egypt. Photo by SrA Amanda Standord, USAF, Sep 13, 2018.

Special Operations News Update 20180921

September 21, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180921 – AFSOC and hurricane relief, Syria’s strategic location, Black Hawk Down, Colombia’s CCOES scores, AFSOC and ‘high-end’ conflict, SEAL in the brig, post office renamed for GB, Syria’s strategic location, ME balance of power, COIN and […]

British helicopter flight over Kabul. Sep 14, 2018 Resolute Support photo.

Afghanistan Conflict Update 20180920

September 20, 2018 SOF News 0

Afghan Conflict Update 20180920 – Elections coming up, Afghan police taking casualties, Special Mission Wing, negotiations with the Taliban – there is lot’s going on in Afghanistan – some good and some not so good. Security Helicopter Shot Down. The […]

ASSF Vehicle

CRS Report Afghanistan September 2018

September 19, 2018 SOF News 0

Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy, Congressional Research Service (CRS), September 17, 2018. The CRS 18-page report has been updated. This report provides an overview of current political and military dynamics including: South Asia strategy military operations recent political developments prospects for […]

Friendship Festival 2018 at Yokota Air Base, Japan on Sep 16, 2018. Photo by Senior Airman Matthew Gilmore, USAF.

Special Operations News Update 20180919

September 19, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180919 – SOF of the future, 19th SFGA valor awards, Kurds fighting Iran, Iraq’s M120 mortars, fight for Idlib, CT training facility in Senegal, FARC returning to the fight(?), Mattis visits Macedonia, urban warfare training, USAF’s men […]

Show Me a Leader AFSOC Video Sep 2018

AFSOC Video – “Show Me a Leader”

September 18, 2018 SOF News 0

AFSOC video – Show Me a Leader. The Air Force Special Operations Command has a neat video that illustrates the Air Commando culture of ‘Humans are More Important than Hardware”. This is the first of the five SOF Truths. Some […]

Spanish Sniper at ISTC Desert Sniper Course at Chinchilla Training Area, Spain. Two-week course is designed to teach trained sniper teams the necessary skills t operate in a desert environment. July 2018 SOCEUR photo.

Special Operations News Update 20180917

September 17, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180917 – LTG LaCamera’s new job, a transparent UK SOF, UK’s PMCs influencing MoD strategy, the ‘Suwalki Gap’, ADP 2-0 Intelligence (Sep 18), 09L earns Ranger Tab, establishing an Arab NATO, CT funding and corruption report, SSA […]

Mitigating Insider Threats to Advisors in Afghanistan

September 16, 2018 SOF News 0

Photo caption: Through his interpreter, an American advisor converses with his Afghan Army counterpart on an ANA FOB. The U.S. soldier is wearing personal protective equipment while armed soldiers serve as ‘guardian angels’ prepared to deal with any aggressors. [1] […]

ANASOC Land Navigation Course and Call for Fire Training

September 15, 2018 SOF News 0

CAMP Commando, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) Commandos, with General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU) policemen spent two weeks in August 2018 learning Close Air Attack techniques as part of the 6-week ANASOC Land Navigation […]

Small Boat Team 22 performs a simulated hot extraction utilizing Special Operations Craft Riverine. Photo by Angela Fry, NSCITTS, Sep 7, 2018.

Special Operations News Update 20180914

September 14, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180914 – Scotty Miller, hands-free comms for CIA and SOF, Russia’s GRU, Russia’s big war game, terrorism update, Syria conflict update, drones and Somalia, UN and humanitarian war, USIP report on extremism, Australian SOTG mission in Iraq, […]