Special Forces soldiers conducts HALO Jump during ExerciseEmerald Warrior 2018 from back of a C-130J Super Hercules aircraft (photo USAF Tech Sgt Ryan Labadens, March 2, 2018)

Special Operations News Update 20180308

March 8, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180308 – Emerald Warrior exercise, Niger investigation, PSYOP in urban warfare, 4K calories a day for SOF, German captured with Taliban’s SF unit, “Altered Carbon” movie review, AFRICOM cdr’s testimony, SOF in Afghanistan – facts and figures […]

1st Special Operation Squadron (SOS) Airman Airman on a MC-130H Combat Talon II prepares for a jump with US Navy SEAL and Royal Thai Navy Special Warfare Operators (photo USSOCOM)

Special Operations News Update 20180306

March 6, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180306 – Niger helmet cam video, Russian undersea cable warfare, Afghan update, MARSOC 2030, Soldier’s Medal for 3rd SFG troop, DoD IG report on disposition of bomb sniffing dogs, review of The Terminal List, SOCOM’s Dash-8s, Emerald Warrior, AFRICOM […]

Special Forces HALO Jump

Video: Special Forces HALO Parachute Jump

March 5, 2018 SOF News 0

Watch a one-minute long video of members of the U.S. Army conduct a Special Forces HALO parachute jump from a helicopter. Video published March 2, 2018 by the U.S. Army posted on YouTube.com. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXHn_sxmPMQ

CH-47F Chinook from Task Force Brawler participates in Personnel Recovery exercise with USAF Guardian Angel team at Bagram AF. (Photo by USAF Tech. Sgt. Gregory Brook, 27 Feb 2018).

Special Operations News Update 20180305

March 5, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180305 -PSYOP and Consumption Theory, SFABs, OSS Gold Medal, CT strategy, Confederate SF, OSS X-2, spies in Boston, Niger SF mission, and more. PSYOP, TAs, and Theories. A member of the 5th PSYOP Battalion at Fort Bragg, […]

Combat Diver Foundation

Combat Diver Foundation

March 4, 2018 SOF News 0

Combat Diver Foundation – Preserving and memorializing the heritage of the Combat Diver community. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the memory of the elite Combat Diver community. The organization’s ultimate goal is the construction of the Combat Diver […]

President Ashraf Ghani

New Peace Initiative by Afghan Government

March 4, 2018 SOF News 0

A new Afghan peace initiative could be the start of movement towards the negotiation table that could possibly be the start of a peace process for Afghanistan. The Taliban recently provided an ‘open letter’ to the American people saying they […]

1st SOS crew member looks out over the crash site of STRAY 59 - a MC-130E that crashed 37 years ago. (photo SSgt Matthew Fredericks, 18th Wing Public Affairs, Feb 26, 2018).

Special Operations News Update 20180302

March 2, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20180302 – New rifle for the Army, 1st SFAB, Stan McChrystal on Afghanistan and CT, Operation Gunnerside, Afghan GCPSU growing, book reviews, lasers for AC-130, Gary Rose, expeditionary advising, Gov Greitens in hot water, GB Gazette, SOF’s […]

surgical strike

Special Operations News Update 20170301

March 1, 2018 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170301 – NVA Commandos in Vietnam War, SOLIC Symposium, Russia’s Delta Force, strategic CT failure, movie about Green Beret Bo Gritz, USMC’s new sniper rifle, National Geographic’s “Chain of Command” – 3rd SFGA in Niger, and SOF […]