Serbian SAJ Train with US Green Berets

Special Operations News Update – Monday, March 29, 2021

March 29, 2021 SOF News 0

Curated news, analysis, and commentary about special operations, national security, and conflicts around the world. Topics include Senate testimony on SOF, USSOCOM diversity, SOF weapons, Recon Sniper, death of Ranger student, great power competition, podcasts, books, videos, and more. SOF […]

son of russia

Former Green Beret Arrested for Spying for Russia

August 22, 2020 SOF News 0

A former U.S. Army Green Beret allegedly conspired to provide national defense information to Russian intelligence. The former Special Forces officer has been charged in a Russian espionage conspiracy. According to a U.S. indictment, Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, a former […]

Book Review – Resistance Operating Concept (ROC)

April 3, 2020 John Friberg 0

In 2014 the Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) began its early stages of development. The Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), commanded by Major General (MG) Mike Repass, began this academic effort. Subsequent SOCEUR commanders and their staffs along with other members […]

An AC-130 Gunship shoots off flares. Photo by AFSOC, January 1, 2020.

Special Operations News Update – January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20200117 – Curated news about special operations, national security, military defense, and conflicts from around the world. SOF News Green Beret Dies in Parachuting Accident. A SOF service member died in a military freefall parachuting accident during […]


Special Operations News Update – Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 8, 2019 SOF News 0

SOF News Update – Curated news, commentary, and analysis about special operations, national security, and conflicts around the world.  GORUCK, Pineland Cutlery, Gallagher case, 19th group, tensions with Iran, Nordic reactions to Russian activities, Chinese hybrid warfare, and more. SOF […]

SOCEUR and the Resistance Operating Concept (ROC)

SOCEUR and Resistance Operating Concept (ROC)

July 19, 2019 John Friberg 0

The U.S. Special Operations Command Europe has, working with NATO and other allies, developed the Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) that will contribute to deterring and resisting aggression in Eastern Europe. The ROC is a concept that will assist Nordic and […]